unjustifiable everyday

When I decided to launch this blog, I wanted to make it a free space to express and practice of my photography. It’s a way of sharing my visual research, so that, over time, I can become a better photographer.

This blog is in its bengining, and I think this practice will include banal photographs too, like these ones I put in this post. Indeed, depending on who looks, such images do not means much, or nothing more than the simple representation of everyday scenes or places. It’s just a look, just a record. Both, anyone, but it is also possible that no one sees beauty in its banal scenes.

But as long as there is the possibility that only one person in the whole world can appreciate beauty in anything, it would have been worthwhile to be there and record the moment, even if it is nothing. I am here trying to justify the unjustifiable; are just images, nothing more, and the minimal practice of photography.


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