reality is in black and white

Wim Wenders once said a thing that I never forget ” life is in color, reality is in black and white“. Beyond the playing with words of this quote, there is some true behind it. B&W pictures has the hability to put things in a atemporal perspective. I can not find the right words right now to describe this strange effect (no Susan Sontag here). It is certainly an abstraction of reality, but the way we read the images in monochrome format has certainly a very different impact in our perspective. When color photography appeared, fine art photographers, like Ansel Adams, were very resistent in accepting the new film support as art form. They saw it as comercial way to make images. It took many years to color being accepted as art form too. I am just making this introduction to say that for me sometimes is hard to stick only with B&W as my favorites photographers does. Is very simple. I just like how the colors look. So, tomorrow I have to go to the city center and I will make some street photography in the shape I did last few days, but I will do it in color instead. Looking for what you guys think about it 🙂


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