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Today I went to pick up the second frame of the series that I have been working titled ‘minimal landscapes’. Although it is not a very cheap process – printing and framing – the pleasure of seeing your photograph as a decorative object, ready to compose an environment, a room, an office, is something very satisfying. I want to keep doing this. In this case, I will even put the picture on sale. I am in an online store here in Brazil, but if I have the luck and the privilege of an interested party from abroad that would like to purchase the work, please do not hesitate to contact me at or whtapp + 55 21 9 8412 5364 – paypal accepted:)

serie paisagens minimas tamanho a2




Men working hard and risking the dismantling of a Christmas tree … sooner than ever … Rio, January 2018

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minimal landscape print

Here is my first print and framed photo of my series titled “minimal landscape”, where I explore a kind of clean and unsatured landscape pictures. I had this idea after realizing that the vast majority of landscape photographers nowadays explore images with a lot of saturation and dynamic range. I wanted to do something different. I wanted to work in minimalist shades and tonalities because considering these photographs as objects of decoration for rooms and environments in general, it is much more pleasant to present images, say, simpler as to the volume of information in the frame, as well as in the range of shades .. . This series is still being produced. I posted some time ago other images of this work. Anyone interested in having one of these pictures on their wall, do not hesitate to contact me. / wtsapp +5521984125364

minimal landscape print

Variations on a Theme


facing the sea, but…

Another image of the smooth and desaturated palette series. Rio de Janeiro is a very curious city, looking at the sea, especially on a day like today, rainy and without anyone on the beach, it is possible to convey the idea that this is a beautiful and peaceful city. As everybody knows that is not true, unfortunately. There is a song here whose translation says: 

it is very easy to talk about such beautiful things, facing the sea but with your back to the favela.

aesthetic research

A few weeks ago I posted an image where I mentioned my visual research about a certain mood (soft, usaturated)  of color palette when taking landscape/seascape photographs. In this sense, yesterday, I could find a time, and a suitable climate to follow up in my aesthetic research. I am creating a series of images of this style in order to print it on fine art paper (canson or hannemuller) as object of decoration.

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