facing the sea, but…

Another image of the smooth and desaturated palette series. Rio de Janeiro is a very curious city, looking at the sea, especially on a day like today, rainy and without anyone on the beach, it is possible to convey the idea that this is a beautiful and peaceful city. As everybody knows that is not true, unfortunately. There is a song here whose translation says: 

it is very easy to talk about such beautiful things, facing the sea but with your back to the favela.

ain´t no sunshine rio de janeiro

In order to give a dramatic picture, sometimes it is easier to highlight the sky; specially on a day with clouds like this, when photos take on this most dramatic aspect. Perhaps I have given too much importance to the sky in this case, for it fills two-thirds of the picture, but what was below the hills did not interest me either. Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect frame.

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